Tuesday, 4 October 2011

leica MP digital camera reviews

Is equivalent to 35: You can replace the lens, Leica M-Lens
Body type: Rangefinder Film
Continuous functions: support for multi-shot, use the quick-off-chip
Exposure Mode: Manual exposure, framing its internal exposure information
Exposure Compensation: ± 3EV range, 1/3EV differential regulation
Metering mode: TTL partial metering, Spot Metering (Central
Overall design: aluminum die casting body chain twist Machine back, yellow
Dimension: 138 × 77 × 38mm
Product Weight: 585g (without batteries)
Battery type: two 3V button batteries (PX76/SR44)
Shutter Type: Mechanical shutter control, horizontal-travel cloth Lian Jiao
Flash Type: Support for external flash, the United States is hereby series of flash
Support hot shoe: Yes
Flash modes: control by hot-shoe contact, or using standard
Focus mode: Manual Focus
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